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Schools in Transformation with Readiness, Adaptations and Nurturing Digital Skills

Start / End date: 01-12-2021 to 01-12-2023

KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education

STRANDS will provide innovative Open Educational Resources for teachers, students and their families, to ease the transition of educators and learners into blended learning and distance learning. Teachers will be more motivated to work in school using digital tools, thanks to the improved understanding of non-formal education principles and its benefits. By cooperating with peers and through the different training activities, teachers will increase their interest and competences in digital learning methodologies. Moreover, teachers and school staff will become more aware of the European frameworks on digital competences of educators. At the same time students, notably those with fewer opportunities, will benefit from the enhanced accessibility and improved quality of online learning materials.

Objectives of the project are:

- To ease the transition into blended learning and distance learning of educators and learners, by supporting them in embracing digital methodologies into learning practices, while building emotional bonds between educators and learners, and among learners;

- to enhance methodological and pedagogical capacities in teachers and educators, in order to enable them to use digital technologies and to increase their digital mindset;

- to support learners in the transition into distance learning and in the integration of digital means into their lives;

- to engage families and communities into learning practices, in order to increase digital awareness while tackling isolation.

Target group:

School teachers and educators, Students and learners, Families and communities, Schools, educational institutions, other relevant stakeholders and general public.


R1 - Teachers-led ICT Online Community Platform

R2 - Guidelines for Technical Tips for an Inclusive Digital Learning

R3 - Interactive Virtual Classes Toolkit

R4 - E-Safety Manual for Families and Students R5 - Protocol forthe Certification of Competence

Partners: Promimpresa (Italy), ICEP s.r.o(Slovakia), A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus), Edupuntozero SRL (Italy), Redial (Ireland).

For more information:

Contact: Anna Bellan-

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