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ILCES – Intergenerational Learning Communities towards Environmental Sustainability.

What is ILCES?

ILCES is an Erasmus+ initiative that aims to help adult learning centres (not only training institutions, but also NGOs, libraries, museums etc.) incorporate sustainability principles in all fields of their operation: from facilities management to design of educational programmes. This should help them turn into forward-looking community learning centres promoting “green” thinking and behaviour among citizens of all ages.

Our journey so far.

Actual sustainable development is not possible without networking and exchange of knowledge and expertise. The ILCES teams also keeps on learning all the time. The partners conducted two training activities in Dublin (Ireland) and Pula (Croatia) to share ideas and existing practices.

During their stay in Ireland, the partners visited Dublin Adult Learning Centre and St. Anne City Farm, and met with guest speakers – representatives of Grow Remote Career Centre and Afri – Action from Ireland.

In Croatia, the ILCES team got acquainted with the work of Diopter Open University and Green Istria Association, visited Istrian de Dignan – Ecomuseum and Vodnjan Public Open University, and had a look at Re-Gepetto Repair Café and Workshop.

These visits provided valuable insights to further work of ILCES partnership.

Our next steps.

The ILCES team is currently working on the development of the so-called Impulse Handbook. The Handbook is targeted at young adults and older people and will be built around the 6 R’s of sustainability: rethinking, refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing, and recycling.

The Handbook will include various activities: short theoretical inputs, quizzes, practical tasks, questions for reflection, and others. The goal is to help users develop broader understanding of environmental sustainability issues and change their behaviour accordingly. Active engagement of wider public is crucial to the achievement of the goals set out in the European Green Deal.

When ready, the Handbook will be piloted in each partner country (Latvia, Croatia, Ireland, Italy and Germany) with two groups: adult educators and regular citizens.

Do you want to be among the first ones to get acquainted with the Impulse Handbook? Then send us a short message!

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