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01/09/2022- 31/08/2024


KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.

eGreen aims at reinforcing the capacities of two target groups: VET professionals and VET learners. To that end, four tools will be developed:

• Cross-country study on the best practices regarding green digital transformation in Europe

• Development of a kit for VET professionals to reduce their digital footprint on the environment

• Creation of an inclusive training for VET learners on green digital transformation

• Interactive tool to support VET learners to reduce their digital impact.

Target group:

VET professionals and VET learners.

VET professionals:

- Enable VET organisations to get access to measures implemented by other EU

countries, or measures adapted to their own national context.

- Contribute to the dissemination of best practices between VET organisations regarding inclusive green digital transformation.

VET learners:

- Facilitate the development of green skills for VET learners.

- Reduce the overall environmental impact of the digital activities of VET learners

during their international mobilities period.

Objectives of the project are:

• To reinforce the capacities of VET professionals & learners by developing resources to engage them in an inclusive & green digital transformation.

• Valorise the best existing practices for inclusive green digital transformation in the VET sector.

• To Create a pedagogical tool for VET professionals to implement measures toward green digital transformation.

• To Develop a method to inform and engage VET learners in the green digital transformation.

• Enable VET learners to reduce their digital impact on the environment.

The planned project results to be produced and delivered are:

PR1: "Validation of non-formal and informal learning -Analysis of European and National Scenarios"

PR2: “enable an effective dissemination across the EU of the best existing practices regarding inclusive green digital transformation.”

PR3: “Engage VET professionals to contribute to an inclusive green digital transformation.''

PR4: “VET learners are informed and engaged in green digital transformation.”

PR5: ‘VET learners reduce their environmental impact throughout their experience in the VET sector.’’


Cesie (Palermo, Italy)

Association ADICE (Roubaix, France)

Johannes Mihkelsoni Keskus (Tartu, Estonia)

Redial (Dublin, Ireland)

Contact: AnnaBellan-

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