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Competences Before Diplomas (CBD)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Project dates: 01-11-2021 to 01-12-2023

KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

The overall aim of the project is to identify and develop possible ways of recognition and validation of competences acquired by non-formal and informal settings, especially with left behind adult learners and other disadvantaged target groups, mainly through the use of a Validation Portfolio.

Target group:

1. Young adults, namely from 18to 30 years old, coming from disadvantaged backgrounds or vulnerable situations such as unemployment, unqualified and left behind learners, suffering social borders, part of minority groups (in particular, migrants and asylum

seekers, inmates, and those with multicultural / ethnic backgrounds in general). These groups represent people that often have less access to classic and academic certification and hence struggle in terms of unemployment, exploitation, marginalisation and involvement in their communities.

2. Professionals active in the areas of education and training, support to vulnerable adults, competence development and job counselling. They will be addressed in order to and empower and enrich their work with adult learners by providing new tools and methodologies to be explored with their target groups.

3. Recognition and certification institutions, local authorities, policy makers are also the target of the project, in order to improve cooperation, dialogue and shared progress in regards to validation of non-formal competences.

Objectives of the project are:

• To promote the socio-economic advancement and inclusion of disadvantaged individuals that experience gaps in formal education credentials, through the recognition and validation of their non-formal skills and competences;

• To study, analyse, explore and make more accessible the European and national scenarios of validation of competence and adult education in terms of statistical data, public policies and best practices

• To increase access of target groups to the recognition of competences acquired in non-formal and informal settings, through a training curriculum focused on the European Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and a Validation Portfolio;

• To provide free access to digital learning content, through the creation of an interactive digital platform, containing all learning materials and methodologies developed in the project as interactive activities, and additional content regarding the topics of innovation in education and of competence validation;

• To contribute to the improvement and update of policies, through a set of recommendation guidelines aimed and fostering strategic actions and common efforts carried out in cooperation by public authorities, training organisations, social actors and certification institutions, in order to increase opportunities to validate non-formal competences and to raise awareness about the importance of recognising different types of certification..

The planned project results to be produced and delivered are:

PR1: "Validation of non-formal and informal learning-Analysis of European and National Scenarios"

PR2: “Training Curriculum on the 8 European Key Competences” PR3: “New Validation Portfolio in Practice''

PR4: “Guidelines for Recommendations”

PR5“ Interactive Platform "My competences”

Partners: Agis, Note et Innove (France), Promimpresa Srl (Italy),Centrul pentru promovarea invatarii permanente timisoara asociatia (Romania), ICEP s.r.o. (Slovakia), Agrupamento de

Escolasno 2 de Beja (Portugal),A&AEmphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd(Cyprus),Redial Partnership (Ireland).

For more info see website:

Contact: Anna Bellan -

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